Thursday, 6 August 2015

Practice makes Perfect!

My teaching practice has been the most amazing experience! I have learned so much by actually being in the classroom and interacting with the learners. I feel like I have gotten to know the learners in my class and it is going to be heart breaking when I have to leave the school to go back to varsity. I have made good use of Ted Ed as the videos, even though they do not always have videos on the topics I am teaching, they are still extremely educational and explain in language that can be easily understood by the learners.

Having an impact on these young people lives is wonderful and I feel a great amount of responsibility because of this. Encouraging them to break their barriers put up by fear or previous experiences and to learn from their mistakes is so important and seeing their growth is incredibly rewarding!


  1. This comes as a life savior!! My time is limited as I am also doing my practice teaching. Ted Ed saved me time, because the videos is so useful and educational!!

    1. Funny to think how teachers coped before it!